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Teal Century has developed a web based project management system called IMAPS (Integrated Management and Progressing System)  to allow companies to track and progress their projects in a seamless, efficient web-based system. The system is developed to be easily integrated into any company allowing you to accurately track labour, materials, subcontractors, equipment and other costs in an easy to understand way.

IMAPS is set with a variety of functions that are easily adjustable to any business need at minimal or zero cost to the user.

erp-blogOur main clients are Industrial and Municipal construction companies who are using our system to track their labour costs, material cost, inventory, budget, purchase order management, product reception as well as forecast future expenses. IMAPS can also help small to medium size businesses get a handle on their operating costs in order to make smarter decisions and maximize profits.

If you are using excel sheets to manage your operation, it’s time to take a look towards the future. Teal Century has worked with the top consultants within key industries to ensure IMAPS can be implemented seamlessly with no negative impact to the operations of the company. The Teal Century team will work in parallel with you, helping to manage the old and new data until your team is trained, the data is vetted/migrated and IMAPS specific corporate features have been activated.

IMAPS is both a cloud based solution as well as software that can be installed on premise.
Core Modules:

  • Project Tracking
  • Internal/External Employee Management
  • Equipment Inventory
  • Client/Vendor Manager
  • Project Estimating – detailed cost code structures, classification, discipline, industry, currency, contract type
  • Cost Capture
  • Estimation and Budgeting
  • Progressing
  • Billing/Invoicing
  • Detailed Reporting


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